What is love? Is it looking into someone's eyes and feeling like you're looking beyond infinity? Like you're looking at the source of all life, at life's energy? At God? What is love? Is it the shivers that run down your arms to tingle at your fingers when you accidentally touch? Or the ocean that crashes against your belly walls when he says your name? Is it building a life together, brick by crumbling brick? What is love? Is it having the same dreams? The same values? The same goals? Is it wanting the same color refrigerator and liking the same music? Is it buying each other the right presents? Is it knowing what the other wants? What is love?

Is it having the same interests and the same passions? Is it liking the same activities? Is it keeping each other warm at night? What is love? Is it the jittery excitement of hearing his voice on your answering machine? Is it the touch of his lips on the side of your neck? Is it the tickle of your eyelashes on his high cheekbones? What is love? Is it bringing him to tears with your insights? Is it kissing away the oceans in his eyes? Is it laughing till your gut hurts and you can barely breathe? Is it timing? Is it coincidence? Is it commitment? What is love? Is it just a decision you make because you're ready to make it? Is it knowing that when you fall he'll help you up? Is it knowing that when he stumbles, you'll wait for him? Is it knowing that if you're lying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood he'll turn the other way to vomit, and then pick you up off the floor and carry you to the hospital? Is it knowing that you would summon the strength of a hundred oxen i you had to, if it would save his life?

What is love? Does it mean never fighting? Is it liking the same flavour ice cream? Or laughing at the same jokes? Is it wanting the same things? Wanting to travel to the same places? On the same boat? With the same people? Is it having the same priorities? The same needs? Is it liking the same friends? Is it being able to do the things you want together? Is it knowing how to give each other enough space? What is love? Is it knowing the difference between you and me and we and the importance of all three? Is it working together? Or playing together? Is it being each other's number One? What is love? Is it the sense that your feet don't touch the floor? Is it the feeling that in his arms that you've finally found home? Is it when his touch takes your body from your soul and throws them both up into the sky so they shower down like angel dust?

What is love? Is it something that lasts forever like a journey to the end of the sky? Or is it fleeting, like a mirage on the highway? Or a rainbow in the desert.