Have I told you lately that my foot itches?

Have I told you how badly I want to scratch?

Have I told you that if it were up to me,

I'd scratch the bottom of my feet on the pavement right now?

Have I told you how very beautifully

I would be walking strolling floating on my way? My path is beckoning.

I see it curving voluptuously out ahead winking at me.

I am drawn to it, lightheaded and tipsy like a fairy I am flying.

I've run away a few times before.

I remember the last time it came over me, …..The urge.

It was a cool and clear September night.

I was leaning on my car in the driveway of my house in Gloucester

pondering long and hard, and then I looked up in the sky and saw…

I saw the black sky.

I saw the full moon round and perfect,

with wispy white clouds draped down and around it like an angel's wings and gown.

I saw the full moon angel's face and she whispered "go" it's okay, "just go".

And I have to tell you this is a true story.

It really is.

I had just come back from walking the backshore with my friends Jo and Joe.

They're a couple you know.

A couple of what you wonder?

A married couple that's what.

They are married to each other.

They are married to their big contemporary farmhouse in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

They are married to their IT jobs and to the commuter train to Boston.

They are married to their misery

with patches of braised quail with a dried cherry and red wine sauce in between.

I would rather at least in my imagination,

imagine being free,

Free to wander as I wish.

A lightness of spirit that knows not chains. Chains linked to a jumbo mortgage and pastel

paychecks that so quickly and punctually go into automatic deposit.

Well, automatically deposit this!

Deposit me in a big pile of money with no strings attached or not at all.

Deposit me in a nice hot bath near a window with a view and birds singing outside.

Deposit me in a pretty place when my body has expired.

Deposit me home.

Can you tell?

Can you tell? I want to go home.

I can tell. I'm tired of running now.

And I'm telling you that I want to go home. Yes, I'm a big talker. You may have

noticed that.

And I do love my freedom. Let it ring I say.

But if I'm gonna tell you the truth, then the truth is, big talker or not,

I am longing for home.