said he'd be back

in the spring

kind of hoping

i'd never see him again

kind of scared

i'd never see him again


line by line and round again

dig this

glass walls will break

when this paper burns

in the flaming sky

but don't ask why

and don't leave now

or i will die

from broken dreaming

broken promise broken

broken mind in my head

i am screaming dreaming

in flashes

now i get it

follow the shadow

to another man

who mildly attracts me

he shakes a tree

a twig flies in my window

it lands on my chest

he walks over to my car


with an outstretched hand

plucks the twig

from off my breast

bold move or thoughtless

i can't tell

he doesn't look in my eyes

but i look into his

and see a kind man

i would kill

with cold cutting words

i'll let

this one live

and wait for spring

for the one

who cannot be killed

by me