he might pin me down

and laugh as i try to get free

if i let a man get close

i've always made lovers

stay over there

men i have loved

men i have hungered for

men who deserved better

men who have deserved less

come here

do this

that's good

now go

i'm always afraid he'll pin me down

and laugh while i struggle and cry

and beg him to stop

laugh as i try to break free

isn't that what they do.

it happened the first time

when i was ten

i guess i thought if they groped me

with my clothes on it didn't really count

as much as i hated it

as angry and scared as i was

if i had my clothes on

it wasn't really real

they didn't mean any harm

before i was ten

i thought i was invincible

i was stronger then anybody

i could run faster

throw the frisbee farther

hit the ball harder

then any girl or boy

i was always the first one pick for the team

not the first girl

but the very first one picked for the team

if i got into fights scrawny little kids

i never would hit them

i knew my strength

i knew my strength

in those days

i knew my strength