This thing about being a kid

I know it

Dragging dreams everywhere

This is not poetical

A statement of fact

Pouring fantasies from a pitcher of milk

Do all kids jump off lawn chairs thinking they're Robin Hood

Forever in America

Where kids don't grow

hands to help with the basics

Being too busy caught in sticky games

Of who they might be or become?

This one kid I know wants to be

A professional baseball player

He knows enough to work at it

He could easily be

a mathematician too

All the boys respect this guy

He is an athlete

But he doesn't get mean

He cuddles in bed with his mommy

I am sure he

Conjures up something

Just to be next to her

He is solid

A wheel barrow

Doesn't quite get getting cast a crown

It makes him laugh

Doesn't quite inhabit the royalty bit


underneath it all

He will be a good man

put up a swing set

Charge a battery for some poor guy stuck

He will put his brains to work

It is the way he is

He takes his life seriously

It helps to go barefoot and not put on airs

The ground is the ground is the ground.

He will be a good man.