She wears pajamas to school

Is she sleepy or too lazy to dress?

I accept it

a statement of something

I don't even ask her dad

until years later.

Oh by the way

Why did your daughter wear

pajamas to school

For a couple of weeks

some years back?

He tells me

He was just to stressed

to get her dressed

He is an artist

The kid is my mentor anyway

I believe in the recycling of souls.

She teaches outrageous

a free thinker.

Her writing brings me back to alphabet soup,

crawling in my own pale blue pajamas.

In the LA weekly I see a guy

List past lives in his resume.

I think what an idiot

LA is full of snake oil.

But this kid can write me under the table

Doesn't take so much

Except IÕve been around.

Some of us are slow learners.

Stars explode out

the virginÕs forehead