mama, I love your butt

it's big and white and fluffy

tail flicking

rest my head there

your nipples

I want to suck them

bowl of cherries

did I drink all that milk

Niagara falls would never be enough

I'll pretend I'm a baby, OK , mama

hold me like that Buddha

when I was small

and mama, that spot on your chest

I rubbed and rubbed

map of the world

it's mine, I made it

clock tower strikes nine, mine

mama, can I put my cold toes

on your belly

sleigh riding, soft round place

mama, can I climb on your back

pick me

pick me up

warm buttermilk biscuits

climbing the mama tree

mama, I like you

so smooth and soft

white polished stone

I'll put my cold hands on your back

towel rack

slipping over

warm them up

mama, read me

read to me

yesterday's fairytale


hold me

before you,

I mean I,

let you go