Where Does Love Go

This body, this thought, this feeling where do they all go, none of this will last forever. I've heard about loving someone forever, I've heard about leaving or losing someone important and never looking back and I have heard about reincarnation and meeting in another life.

But come on let's get real. When love has gone. It's over baby. Kaput, finite, done. So why all the questioning. It's simple. You had a feeling, it was good, real good, now nada. But baby when you had love, your loins fed a flame that raged.

The maypole offers up its colored ribbons in a rainbow of life but they are snatched by the waiting wind. They spiral skyward, their red, blue, violet, orange, aqua, yellow, and green streamers becoming colorful sunsets. Maybe that's where love is hiding.

Religion cannot answer this question. Listen, you priests, pastors, mullahs or witchdoctors, you can't tell me that your dream is my dream. Listen you false prophets and pathetic soothsayers, you can't prey upon my fears. Listen my friends who mean well but speak in tongues you can't provide answers.

It is my retching, reeling gut that must grind and grate upon the memories so that they will obfuscate the feelings, the cravings, becoming bearable to a heart that boils and bleeds with tomorrow's promises.

Yes, when I think about where does love go, I can't quite figure it out. It's there. It's wonderful. It's powerful. And then it's gone, not even to be found by an African lion tracker.

Now I am on the lookout for a new love. This hole in my life is like what I felt when I was a child. The missing mommy, the unfeeling dad. Once again, the lack of love makes me think; did it ever exist; will it ever be mine again?

Bats! Caverns! Existence! Bats in the Belfry, Caverns of the Mind. I exist because I am.

The days of love will not be over simply because I do not know where love has gone.

Yes, as long as there is a body and a mind there will be the question and a possibility.