Slapped, shocked, dazed.

I awake with blood shot X-ray Eyes,

Scarlet tinged porcelain pressured into a deformed reflection.

Bridge Metal gouges into a ripped gum line. Swollen lips, mouth shredded, larynx sore from hyperextension.

I can't believe that fucker hit in me the face. Did that really happen?

I flip on the dirty feedback version of "I feel fine"

The mirror confirms a Clenched fist, brass knuckles and piercing blur as the tequila'd tavern rat dashes out, desperate to come.

Lips on sandpaper Vaseline keep misery a tenant. Broken everyman, another lawsuit coma, Badass throbbing punctuates lost optimism. I scream into the asylum's spike padded tomb, straight jacketing sanity.

I was just minding my own business, right?

Teardrops spray on my tortoise tail.

Simplicity subpoenaed jumps bail.

Squalor immortal triumphs over a moat of thorns..

Float alone, listen to Soul Serenade.

I just said "Good night to the waitress?" Didn't I? Was I doing something wrong? Re-Run, Re-Run

Racked raw bleeding horizon, optimistic futuristic visions fade.

Empty cot of Cheated fabrications, spread eagle. Pink Birthday candle's starving wretched light, crave a brilliant tempest. Blow me out.

Assshole. Why did you do that? Do I even know you?

Warm solar rays suckle a broken spirit; cold water shakes the spine and infuses a new today.

Yesterdays beating digs a rusty jackknifes scraping thinly through the mouths perforating skin; crescent wrench digs and twist into the incisors or a bicuspid until jaw tendons surrender and rip.

Yes, I'm numb,

except for Ten thousand microscopic pinprick punctures in the heart, ego and id.

Manhood transgressed on a cheap shot.

A condescending fist shatters glass jawed confidence tattered cross-checked masculinity damaged beyond a vicodin whiskey cure all.

Somersault catapult anxious breath, crave the ordinary jack of all escapades. Sedation cascades to pools of lavender honey, extra cream, a lonesome abandoned Caribbean matchbook in a pitcher of cloudy dirty martinis, patient hornets biding time to strike on the rim.

A soul crippled by car lighter burns equally distributed on the tick of the minute hand. Repel and deny defeats, I forgot to Focus on the spiral, watch the belt buckle not the Nikes. Watch the hand with the strap, not the eyes.

EXTRA, EXTRA Jackass attempts to impress duchess masquerading as a waitress and it works. Excuse me but I have appointment with a miniskirt seamstress.