Angel Doggies

So I was like listnen to ma messages from ma admirin public when the big one hit me like a ton of bricks. Rusty said, "Kira died" bought the farm -- pushin up daisies. This stopped me dead in ma tracks. Like, I knew it was comin'. She was old and frail and wouldn' let Rusty out of her sight for a New York minute. Wow! I'm going over the edge here. Ya know what I'm sayin. I was hopin to see her one more time in the windy city, but noooo. She couldn't hang in there any longer. I knew it. Ya know I was just prayin yesterday that our sweet Jesus would take her quiet like without much pain and all and I guess he was listnen cause she just sort of left, just like that and all.

Boy, I'm telling ya somebody turned on the waterworks cause I can't hold back the tears cause she was such a silly, sweet, funny, precious hunk of doggy love that ever walked the garden path. Man, she'd back up to wherever you were sittin and sort of scooch her butt right up there next to ya, all cozy and important like. Ya know what I'm sayin? If you stopped pettin her she'd find your hand with her head or butt or paw and make you rub every ache and pain right out of yer body while she was the one gettin the back rub! Doggone it!

She's gone to that happy huntin ground where there's plenty of fine squirrel chasing and Milkbone doggy biscuits growin on every bush, don't cha know. Oh me, oh my -- I know God'll provide so many suckers to do that "surprise lick em in the face before they know what happened to em,' that Kira'll be peein in her pants and barkin her head off every damn minute; just bustin with pride with how clever she is cuz they didn't see it comin! Fastest lick in the west, that Kira girl!

And, boy I'm telling ya, I know with every fiber of my human bean, she's gonna win, paws down, the Miss Doberman of Heaven award, cause if she struts her stuff any where near like she done right here on terra firma, she's gonna have all them angel doggies trippin the light fantastic, and howlin at the moon at how drop dead gorgeous she is with them big, brown, soulful eyes that always said, "You're the only one who can ever make me happier than a pig in shit, rubbin my ears the way you do."

Yes siree Bob, Kira's up there havin the best time tradin family secrets and stories with all the greats that have gone on before her: Bogie, Ram, Jana, Leo, Chips, Hepsie, Sasha, Rufus, P.P. Spring and Angel. And, I'll bet you dimes to donuts there ain't no penny jar on the sofa or the bed or the dining room table in my homeboy Jesus many mansions. Angel doggies are welcome on any piece of heavenly furniture, no problem.

We'll sure miss your sweet face Kira girl, but I'm glad your graced us with your presence for as long as you did. You hung in there like a trooper and now deserve the best of the best of heaven.