Wheezing pickpocket white fences and

Sighing booms from ADHD children.

Screeching limousine automobile crashes,

now dying fading butterflies.

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis diagnosisŃ

you've spent too much time swimming in your own backyard volcanoes.

Vindictive punishments seem too enormous for the homesick self.

Conform the fragile name of endless times to the ocean and the sea.

August has come and gone and it is finally time to go to heaven, to harps, to clouds.

Trip down the hall to the sound of wet lips smacking, dry eyes blinking, and alien song.

The tongue is on fire with vivid chocolate leftovers.

Learn beyond capacity in your own Guernica,

live in Dijibouti and Mississippi,

and every other world that we find we don't know.

Pi–ata sonata and roomy miles

on your dashboard, creating life, at the end of all.