This Man's Yoga

What is the meaning of yoga? Ask a thousand Yoga Gurus get a thousand different answers. Is it a way to enjoy a healthier existence? Or maybe it's the struggle of the mind over the difficult yoga asanas or postures. Or perhaps yoga is simply a great way to meet nimble women.

Last month I was in a class of wall to wall women. Rachel was teaching and Rachel is gorgeous. Long dark wavy hair, pretty face, lean figure with full breasts, soft easy voice. We make our way into Sun Salutations which is a series of postures that ends up in Downward Facing Dog. This is an asana that looks like an upside down V where your hands are flat on the floor in front of you and your feet on the floor in back and your posterior is up in the air as if there's a rope around your waist pulling you towards the ceiling. Rachel walks around the room and adjusts people so that they maintain the posture. She walks over to me. She puts her bare feet on top of my hands and leans against my body so that I get a bigger stretch in my back. She literally drapes her body over mine as she pushes me. And while I can feel a deeper stretch, I can also feel her breasts against my lower back. Is any one else seeing this? It's actually pretty hard for people to look around in Downward Dog so I try to just enjoy myself, and the pose, and Rachel. Soon she backs off and walks away while reminding everyone to keep the ujai breath going.

Near the end of class, we're on our backs on the floor. Rachel has us bend our knees twist them to the right side and drop them to the floor as we outstretch our arms and look to the left. I have the wall to my right so as I look left, I can pretty much see the women in my row whereas there's no one on my right to look at me.

Rachel appears. She's standing over me. She drops down and puts one knee gently on my legs to keep them down. She leans over me and pins my shoulders to the floor. Her face is close now and I can smell her sweet breath as she whispers, "Can you feel that? Can you feel that?" Her words echo in my mind because I've heard those words before. In fact it was twenty years before, when I was with Brianna an experienced, older woman who taught me everything I needed to know about sex. And after performing some unspeakable act on my anatomy, Brianna would invariably stop and ask "Do you feel that?" And invariably I would say "Yes, I can fucking feel that. Don't stop!" And now Rachel is on top of me in yoga class. And she's making love to me on my yoga mat on the hardwood floor, on the right side of the room while everyone is looking left. She leans in closer. Her breasts are practically in my face as she whispers the words that skip through annals of my mind. "Do you feel that? Do you feel that?" "Yes" I groan as I breathe into it and let my body go limp and surrender myself to her. To the asana. To her.

At the end of class, as I pack up to leave, I try to catch her eye but she doesn't respond. She's going about her business. Just another day at the office.