She must have been too beautiful to bear

blue eyed & brown hair to nape of neck

If they ran their fingers through the clutch

of hair there they may have felt moist wet

wonder & how childlike this girl was

at 16 lips parted for breath eyes glassy

from Chi-Chi's and Fuzzy Navels eyes

shiny & shallow & sure to have that come

hither stare. Once my mom read a poem

I'd written about date rape. Weeks

after her visit I looked through

my journal, saw her penciled remarks

"It was just like this. He was a Marine.

He gave me a rose afterwards." Yes,

and these two boys, their young legs

wiggling like greyhounds, I imagine

them watching her, their tongues wagging,

the gleam from their wallet chains giving

her eyes too much of a twinkle.

On NPR this morning, the father of

one boy said, "These are basically

two good boys who got themselves

into a terrible stupid situation."

And the girl, the girl.