I dance like a white girl

hips here and there

but there is beat in my cunt always

has been loves to move back and forth rub

against the rhythm

today my butt was smiling my legs got hot and strong

arms threw sparks around the room

i was one happy cunt

i'm longing for Paris you folded me over

the edge of the bed and planted the beat

of your heart all the way to my throat

we smoked cigarettes walked

along the river jazz spilling

on us warm yeasty semen

you pressed me against the lamppost and

i knew for the first time

i could take all of you each fleshy inch

i'm longing for Paris with your irreverent

hands under the bistro table

I appear blonde compliant aging a little

take the nail of any finger

run it down my spine

a golden purring will greet you

sing the bar of any song and I'll echo